Who is The Neighbourhood Group and How Are We Connected?

Written by
Hannah Curtis
July 30, 2021

The Trustee Hub is an initiative of The Neighbourhood Group, a multi-social service agency serving the greater Toronto area. The Neighbourhood Group brings together St. Stephen’s Community House, Neighbourhood Link Support Services and Central Neighbourhood House, three vital organizations whose collective experience, resources and wisdom have supported community members for over 200 years.  

In 1911, Central Neighbourhood House (CNH) was founded in response to the inadequate and dangerous conditions that newcomers to Canada faced when arriving in downtown Toronto. Many (im)migrants lived in poverty, were denied sufficient housing and shelter options, and could not access basic city services like water and medical care. CNH’s work over the past 105 years has sought to improve these conditions and support folks as they integrate into their local communities. Fifty years later, in 1962, St. Stephen’s Community House (SSCH) established itself as a settlement house, providing community services for the urban youth population. On May 24th of 1974, St. Stephen’s became an incorporated not-for-profit charitable organization. Since then, SSCH has expanded its programming to support seniors, those who are homeless and precariously housed, newcomers and those seeking employment. In 1975, Neighbourhood Link Support Services began serving seniors in Toronto’s East end. Neighbourhood Link Support Services centers compassion and connection in all of their programming. Since they first opened their doors almost fifty years ago, they have become a hub for development and community capacity building.  

Together, these organizations as The Neighbourhood Group provide a wide range of services and programs designed to enrich, support and enhance the lives of those living in our community. We serve folks through specialized employment programs, settlement and newcomer services, summer camps, conflict resolution, childcare, youth programs, subsidized housing, meals-on-wheels, in-home care for seniors, and urban health and homelessness services.  

At the Trustee Hub, we mobilize this knowledge to nurture and support young leaders, youth-led grassroots organizations, resident associations and un-incorporated non-profit organizations. Our program emerged in response to a growing need for curated supports for newly established and growing organizational programming. Unlike other trustees, the Trustee Hub has created a mentorship framework that co-exists with our trustee program. As an initiative of The Neighbourhood Group, we can leverage our resources and institutional supports to provide you with the foundation you need to grow your community programs! This means that along with administrative support, financial and bookkeeping services, we are able to provide capacity building opportunities, events and training workshops, highlight upcoming grant and funding sources, and provide resources about the incorporation process and non-profit world.  

The desire to encourage young leaders and nurture new, innovative ideas for a vibrant city is always at the forefront of our work. Our longstanding roots in communities across the Greater Toronto Area establishes us as a leader in progressive trusteeship services and urban development.  

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