Three Pronged

A customized strategy to ensure impact and success.



All Trustee groups/organizations receive personalized coaching and mentorship to support from beginning to end of their initiatives.

We know there will always be speed bumps on the road towards reaching your community goals; thanks to our years of experience, we are able to work through challenges and pull from strategies that have worked for other Trustee Hub groups to ensure your success. 



All Trusteed groups/organizations will receive year round training
and capacity building opportunities.

We want to ensure all community leaders are equipped with the tools they need to best implement their initiatives. Drawing from our wide-reaching network of facilitators, we cover the essentials so you can focus on doing the work for your community.

Past events have included workshops, funder pop ups, networking sessions,  summits and co-problem solving.



All trusteed grassroots organizers/organizations receive the institutional supports and systems that The Neighbourhood Group has developed over its decades of activity, for the administration of grants and funds, including budget management and communication with grantors.

The Neighbourhood Group continually expands the ways we are able to leverage our experience and reputation to support grassroots groups both old and new.

Currently, we offer affordable space rental at our numerous sites, support in bookings throughout the TDSB, providing liability insurance, amplifying success through our larger website and networks, co-attendance in funder meetings, sharing impact in newsletters, promote work to potential donors and collecting donations for specific initiatives.

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