Community-driven Journalism Workshop

February 15, 2022

5:30 pm


7:00 pm


Learn how to share your story and draw attention to the issues that matter to your community.

If you want to amplify the voices of your community or wonder how your group can attract more attention to your cause, we have the perfect workshop for you!

We are doing things a little differently this time. Not only will you learn the basics of community-driven journalism and audience engagement, but you will also have the opportunity to share your thoughts with other community organizers in a story-circle session.

You will learn about
  • Community-driven journalism (e.g. Story Circles)
  • Reporting on underrepresented communities
  • Storytelling formats: TikTok and Instagram
  • Tips for attracting media attention

To deliver this workshop, The Trustee Hub is partnering with The Green Line,  an innovative local news outlet designed to investigate and report on real issues affecting young Torontonians and their communities.

The workshop will be facilitated by Anita Li. Anita held numerous positions as a reporter for major news outlets in Canada and beyond. She also taught graduate-level courses in Innovative Journalism and Audience Engagement in Toronto and New York. Today, Anita is working as a Media Consultant with the ambition to shake up our current news media landscape. She is the founder of The Green Line.


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